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It is reported in some quarters that 2/3rds of the global population may not have the vaccine at least till the end of 2022 due to shortage of doses.



      NeoCoVTM – A result of nearly 75 years of combined experience and knowledge of key scientific professionals in USA and India to bring out a novel, safe and a broadly protective vaccine to combat and arrest the spread of Covid-19 virus, its current and emerging variants.

Why MVA based Vaccines?

  1. MVA derived vaccines induce strong antibody responses after a single Dose

  2. MVA vaccine-induced antibody responses in humans are durable as proven in HIV vaccine with little contraction over a 6-month timeframe.

  3. MVA vectored recombinants are stable and can be produced at high titer enabling ease of vaccine manufacturing.

  4. MVA derived vaccines induce strong CD4 and CD8 T cell responses important for protection against some viral infections.

  5. MVA derived vaccines are safe, harmless and well-tolerated with 18 years of safety data in humans.

  6. MVA derived vaccines possess extraordinary safety profile.

  7. MVA can be produced under conditions of Biosafety level 1

  8. MVA does not have side effects normally associated with VACCINIA Virus, such as Eczema or Post vaccine Encephalitis or Myopericarditis.

  9. MVA derived vaccines are currently undergoing clinical testing against HIV, M. tuberculosis or P. falciparum etc.  

  10. Recombinant MVA-for highly pathogenic avian influenza ( H5N1 ), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Ebola viruses has demonstrated promising results.


• The management of NeoDeL has secured exclusive

  global rights from Emory University, Atlanta as a

  part of Indo-US collaboration, to manufacture and

  market this MVA based ‘NeoCov’ Covid vaccine


• NeoCoV is administered in the form of oral and

  nasal drops with the addition of a proprietary

  adjuvant to enhance immune response even


• We plan to complete the requisite regulatory

  formalities as soon as possible for this unique

  vaccine to be manufactured in India and, for it to be

  distributed in India and other countries

Key people behind the NeoCoV Covid Vaccine development


Prof Amara Rama Rao


Dr. K. Koteswara Rao

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• Expresses full length prefusion stabilized spike protein.

• A novel patented nano technology, developed by the Indian team, is employed to deliver this

  vaccine in the form of convenient nasal or oral drops.

• NeoCoVTM is an improved vaccine, generated with the addition of mutations in the spike. This

  vaccine generated 7-fold higher neutralizing antibodies in mice compared to the current

  vaccine. This raises the possibility of a single dose vaccination.

• NeoCoVTM elicited broad Th1 & Th2 Cell response with high protection in mice and in non

  human primates.

• MVA derived Covid vaccine with added mutations Induced strong neutralizing antibody and

  highly activated CD8 T cell responses following prime-boost immunization.

• Induction of strong T cell response also helps in protecting against variants.

• Induces release of Interferon Gamma which is the dominant Cytokine of TH1 cells

• MVA derived vaccines demonstrated protection against intra-nasal and intra-tracheal viral

  challenge both in mice and rhesus macaques.

• In monkeys, no evidence of lung pathology observed after inducing infection in vaccinated


MVA derived Covid 19 Vaccine

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