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About Us

      Neodel Pharma Private Limited is company incorporated in 2021 at Hyderabad as its Registered Head office. The idea behind the company is to provide a convenient yet a strong solution to the pandemic faced by the world in 2020 i.e., CoVID – 19. The driving force behind the idea is our Founder Shri Dr K Koteswara Rao, with his vast experience in the field of Biotechnology & Vaccines, our company has collaborated with EMORY University for their MVA technology Vaccine. Having world wide production and marketing rights of this novel vaccine, the company is planning to develop the technology with its yet another novel technology to deliver the vaccine through Oral Drops or Nosal Drops. This is first of its kind in the world to do so. Our Co-founder Shri CA Viswanath Toshniwal has vast experience in the Banking and taxation field, a budding entrepreneur.

              The company also wants to develop different vaccines in future which will be one of its kind and supported by more than 20 years of research into the field. The company aims to launch its first CoVID Vaccine in the market in May 2022.


•  Dr Rama Amara is a Professor at Emory Vaccine

    Center and also a Professor at Department of

    Microbiology and Immunology, Emory

    University School of Medicine.

•  Dr Rama Amara is an Investigator at Emory

    Center for AIDS Research.

•  Prof Rama Amara. is also a researcher in Yerkes'

    Division of Microbiology and Immunology and

    the Emory Vaccine Center (EVC) as well as a

    Charles Howard Candler Professor of

    Microbiology and Immunology at Emory

    School of Medicine (SOM).


•  Prof Rama Amara, PhD built the Emory MVA

    COVID-19 vaccine at Emory University, Atlanta,

    USA based on his more than 20 years of

    experience working with MVA and animal

    models to develop an HIV/AIDS vaccine.

Prof Amara Rama Rao


•  Dr Koteswara Rao is the main driving force

    behind this vaccine project.


•  Dr Rao was appointed, as the first Indian born

    Tribunal Member in 1985 among the Panel of

    Experts, by The Lord Chancellor, Viscount

    William Whitelaw, of The Privy Council, UK. The

    Tribunal was an apex body for the whole of

    United Kingdom..


•  Dr Rao is the person that brought the first

    genetically modified product - Hepatitis B

    vaccine into Indian shores in the year 1994. He

    is the author for several global patents on

    novel delivery Technologies with a potential to

    replace the injectable protein drugs and

    oncology products based on Adeno

    Associated viral vectors on a global scale .


Dr. K. Koteswara Rao

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